Felix Oltean

felixFelix Oltean: Cinematographer

Felix Oltean is an emerging cinematographer who has worked in a variety of genres and mediums, including; various film formats, HD and the RED camera system. For his SFU Grad Film screening Felix was the cinematographer and camera operator for: I’ll Believe in Anything, A Mouthful of Dynamite, Salvation, Snooze, Mandroid and Cradle of Flesh. He was the director of photography for: Kid’s Court, did the Vancouver cinematography and operating for 30 Days and was the B-Camera operator for The Tale of Sir. Manford. In post production work he was also the colourist on: I’ll Believe in Anything, Salvation, Kid’s Court, Cradle of Flesh, 30 Days and A Paperback Life.

Biography: Felix is just another Transylvanian boy who went on to become a curious little immigrant in Calgary. In high school, he spent too much time playing with cameras, which eventually landed him in film school. He wants to thank his friends, classmates, and especially his family for all the love and support.