RCG-artgalleryWelcome to the Nicholas Treadwell Cabaret, the once-notorious British gallerist and entertainer with a reputation for bad taste and vulgarity. Currently living alone in a pink prison in rural Austria, Nick invites you to a private tour of his controversial gallery and personal life. Through song, role-play and intimate conversation he shares his deepest thoughts and feelings about life, art and his pink philosophy.

Reviewing his career, The Guardian declared that “He has done for fine art what McDonald’s has done for haute cuisine,” although in this cabaret-style portrait he reveals himself to be a man whose honesty, sincerity and shape-shifting quirkiness paint a more complex picture.

RCG-nickashismumAn eccentric? Yes. A man who has learned to save himself? Perhaps. Leaving the British art scene behind, Nick has managed to build and maintain an edgy art collection that had its beginnings in the 1960′s when he visited clients’ homes in a mobile art gallery.

Nick even started his own art movement, which he calls Superhumanism and describes as

“A movement, first and foremost, inspired by life, as opposed to inspired by art… by the people, for the people, and about the people. It is about tolerance and human understanding. Initially, a Superhumanist work will move you to feel – to laugh, to RCG-nick-censored2cry, to shudder, to be overwhelmed with compassion.”

Will Nick’s story do the same?